Massage Therapies

Traditional nepali Massage: Therapeutic, Ayurvedic-style oil massage for balance and healing. 60 or 90 minutes
Deep Tissue massage: This massage uses slow strokes and deep pressure to work on tight areas to release specific muscle tension and restore flexibility. 60 or 90 minutes
Swedish Massage:Swedish Massage is a whole body massage using oils to facilitate treatment. This massage will alleviate stiffness and fatigue as well as improve circulation. 60 or 90 minutes.
Trekkers Massage:Trekkers Massage is a combination of Ayurvedic & Thai Massage and helps loosen muscles and increase flexibility. 60 or 90 minutes.
Hot stone massage: Luxurious and relaxing. Polished Basalt Lava Stones are heated and incorporated into the massage- 60 or 90 minutes.
Thai Massage:Fully clothed, therapeutic stretching for tight muscles and joints 60 or 90 minutes.
Foot with head and shoulder massage: Relaxing massage to revitalize your body and mind- 45 minutes.
Ayurvedic Foot massage: Relaxing Ayurvedic massage to revitalize your body and mind- 30 minutes.
Body Scrub: Full-body exfoliation using Ayurvedic massage techniques – 60 minutes.






















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